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Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta

About me

In the real life, I am teacher at a middle school in Germany. My main subject is music. I wanted to learn playing the Great Highland Bagpipe in my childhood, but there weren't teachers or pipe bands in Germany. There was no internet and lessons via Skype were impossible. I had to forget this dream at the moment.
First as an adult I found the "Pipes & Drums Of Brunswieck", a pipe band from Braunschweig, inv the internet. I started to learn the bagpipes with a practice chanter, an instrument for practice the finger technique and the tunes. I started to learn playing the bagpipes in September 2008.
2012 I changed the band and join the "Owltown Pipe and Drum Band" in Peine. During this time, I spent a lot of time to concentrate on my solo playing and played a lot of competition till today.
I take one-to-one lessons, take part on workshops, take exams and play sompetitions successful.
In March 2015 I did the Tutor Certificate and now I am bagpipe teacher and the first lady of Germany who did it.
Germany's first female certificatet bagpipe teacher!
The Tutor Certificate won't be the last what I did. In Summer 2017 I passed the Piobaireached Certificate. During my work for that certificate I noticed, that Piobaireachd is my great passion. It is a great pleasure for me to work on this materie.
In February 2018 I left the Owl Town Pipe & Drum Band, but not without offering my help when they need one piper more. I don't want to play in one band only, I like to help bands who need help.
I want to work hard on my solo playing. I want to concetrate on competitions and I work on my next exam, the PDQB 5 (SCQF 7).

Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta

Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta

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